Why building this website

I built this website primarily thanks to the inspiration from my good friend James, he built his website from scratch, and shared many tips and resources to get me started. I also like and want to emulate the stuff he puts up there, book and movie reviews, coding tips, visual art and even sick-beat electric musics. In somewhat hindsight, I share his concerns about how the control from the tech giants are eroding our own freedom, judgement and creativity. Maybe building this website is a futile fight against the big tech bros' coercion, but it's a start. And thank you Elsa, for patiently reading and debugging my silly code, and for changing your career into a software developer.

The process has been really fun as well. I got to learn some baby-level HTML and CSS languages, and got introduced to modern text editor softwares like Visual Studio and Atom. Having tried one of those, I couldn't believe that I was using MS word for this long. The text editor makes editing and organizing different files that much faster and more intuitive. In addition, creating a tangible website is always a satisfying process, the layout is amateur, the code is messy and inconsistent, but it's mine.

Finally, I also want to communicate(science). I have started a PhD program in September, 2020. It's about the transition between unicellular and multicellular lives. To approach this broad topic, I will be working on a group of green algae. They're closely related, but some of them live their lives as a loner yet others as an individualized group. Why so different? I aim to compare them in various ways, hopefully to find some environmental correlates, as well as underlying developmental mechanisms that help explaining their differences. Interesting stuff isn't it? Therefore, I would like to use this website as a place to collect and organize my thoughts. If I find anything interesting, they will show up!